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My 21 year old son and his two buddies were driving home from the lakes 
yesterday and he fell asleep at the wheel doing about 45 mph.

He was driving a 1984 GT coupe near cherry...well none of these guys were 
wearing their seatbelts and they hit the ditch became ariborne and rolled 
the car over witnesses said one of the guys was thrown from the car.

Thank-God everyone is alive! One passenger has a broken nose and 13 
stitches on his forehead, the other a cracked vertabrae and head 
lacerations. Both of them went home the same day. My son however was not 
so lucky. He has a crushed ankle and a broken tibia...he goes into 
surgery today for pins and a plate.

If these guys had been wearing their seatbelts their injuries may not 
have been so severe.

Needless to say the car is totaled but there are some salvagable parts.

If anyone needs anything let me know. And it's yours for the asking you 
pay only for the shipping.

The rear end and passenger side of the car look o.k.