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RE: Replacement shocks for 4KQ

Well, at 90K miles, I replaced the _original_factory_inserts_ in my
874KQ, and put in Boge TGs.  I'm pretty happy -- the ride is still nice,
and the car is stiffer than it was albeit on original equipment.  As for
the Bilsteins, I have 2 friends who tried to go that route - one with an
864KQ and the other with an 85 urQ.  They had a lot of trouble getting
stuff to fit.  I seem to recall some machining was involved.  My Boges
popped right in.


 -- Eric
"Audi, the thinking (wo)man's BMW."

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>Getting ready to replace the shocks on my 87 4KQ.  I'll be driving on
>the street
>only, but I want a stiffer ride than stock.  Probably won't do the
>springs since
>I'm not willing to give up ride height (too many speed bumps, craters,
>I've searched through the archives and found some information, but not
>for me to make a final decision. Being that the car is an 87 and is
>prolly near 
>100k miles or more, I'd be willing to bet that the OEM springs are
>compressed enough to yeild a lower ride height than the car had when
>new. IMHO, 
>the Eibach springs for the car don't lower it much at all and provide a
>ride with more cornering ability.
>I've come across four brands so far and would appreciate hearing list
>Boge: Turbo Gas seem very popular w/ list members, price very
> A good street/ occasional track strut for the money.     
>  < Koni: those who have em, love em, but $$$$
>         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ exactly right!
>KYB: alleged stiffer than Boge TG, priced between Boge and Koni 
>  Crap. again, IMHO
> Bilstein: $$$, conflicting stories whether fitment is available for 
>4KQ Are there any others that I missed? According to Bilsein NA, not 
>available for the 4ksq at all. Tried to find them myself.
>Mark Hilbush
>Baltimore, MD
>87 4KCSQ
>     Todd Candey   85 4ktq
>     USRobotics    89 90q
>     Skokie, IL