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Re: Therostat & Fan Switc

Cobram, cobram@channel1.com wrote:

> Mark Eissler <tequila@interlog.com> replies:
> ME> Replacing the thermostat will go a lot easier if you remove the power 
> ME> steering pump (well, don't remove it completely, just release the belt
> ME> tension, unbolt the pump, and move it to the side, with hoses
> ME> attached,  so you can get better access). I suppose you could change
>     Agree totally, the pump is one of the easiest components
>     to remove on the engine. (how'd that one slip by the
>     engineers).  It would also be an excellent time to
>     pull out the Bentley and a multimeter and check
>     those senders/sensors that also become accessible.
>     Checking the hoses, including that "invisible"
>     3 inch hose connecting the steel coolant piping
>     could also save alot of future agrevation.

That "invisible" three inch hose...melts itself real good to the thermo. 
housing. Last time round I removed the aluminium coolant pipe, cleaned 
it, painted it with high temp alum. paint, and that three inch 
hose...well, I cut that sucker outta there and replaced it. It was the 
only way ;-}

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