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Seat Belts

 wallace david <wallace@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu> said:

> He was driving a 1984 GT coupe near cherry...well none of these guys were 
> wearing their seatbelts and they hit the ditch became ariborne and rolled 
> the car over witnesses said one of the guys was thrown from the car.
>  My son however was not 
> so lucky. He has a crushed ankle and a broken tibia...he goes into 
> surgery today for pins and a plate.
> If these guys had been wearing their seatbelts their injuries may not 
> have been so severe.

I'm amazed that you have the presence of mind to offer parts from the 
vehicle so soon...it indicates that your son must be doing OK, of 
you'd be occupied elsewhere!!   I'm VERY glad to hear that he will 
recover - and the 6-inch steel plate in my left shin (motorcycle 
momento) helps me to empathize!!  I'm also very sorry to hear how 
badly he was hurt, especially since it was needless.

For the life of me, I CANNOT understand why people don't wear seat 
belts when the protection is FREE and right next to them!  Heck, I 
want them on just to assure that I can retain control of the car if I 
have to maneuver quickly!   I hope your son changes this behavior 
quickly - or that you can find a 2x4 of appropriate length to effect 
a change in his opinions.....

Best of luck!!!

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