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RE: xenon projector beam headlights

The sharp cutoff is the same on my new Euro headlights on the 200qw. I
was out at night in it this weekend for the first time and kept on
feeling like I was blinding oncoming traffic, but only until I got a
good look at the cutoff. It angles up sharply on the inside to
illuminate signs and what-not a looooong way down the road and then is
just cut off right above the hood (just below the windshield/rear
windows on oncoming/same direction vehicles. Amazing difference from the
OE candle sticks.
- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
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>>Subject: Re: S4/S6 vs. 200TQ 20V
>>one final comment re: s4/s6 vs. 200TQ20V.  steve powers told me that
>>the 95.5
>>S6 comes with xenon projector beam headlights.  having seen these in action
>>on the a8, i would say that these constitute a major difference between the
>>S6 and the 200TQ.  one could get aftermarket H4's for the 200TQ of course
>>and a 200TQ full of aftermarket improvements will still come up a lot less
>>than the still very expensive used S4/S6.
>This is certainly true, the UBERWGN's headlights are amazing.
>Especially the "focus", they provide very bright illumination up to a
>line parallel with the hood, and then nothing at all above that.
>OTOH, that's just the headlights, just one feature of the vehicle.
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