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Re: B pillar rattle

I've had intermittent rattling of the B driver's side pillar. Cured by
turning on stereo. :-)

Wonder if the locking mechanism for the seatbelt (the mass that detects
certain G forces and clamps down on belt) is rattling around. My driver's
belt locks down on hard cornering and braking.

My seatbelts are about 10 years old. Wonder if they need to be 'renewed'.

>>5. Experience rattling on left pillar of driver over cracked roads of bumps.
>> Experience squeeking sound on passenger side window but went away after a
>>few up/down exercise.
>Hey, I have the same problem in the UBERWGN (95.5 S6) and it's the one
>thing that really annoys me about the car.  I can't figure it out
>without taking the thing apart, it doen't appear to be in the doors,
>but inside the pillar, maybe in that adjustable seat belt height
>thingy.  Does the A4 have that adjustable seat belt thingy too?
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