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Re: Car Cover

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:27:31 Dorab asked about car covers:

<Is the Evolution 4 fabric any good, and does anyone have any 
<info on high quality, inexpensive cover?

Hi Dorab,
I have a car cover made out of Evolution 4 for my Nissan 300 TT. 
It is durable, blue (nice clolor) and seems to protect the car 
really good. My only objection would be that the cover, once 
rolled up, is huge due to the thickness of the fabric. But, it 
is not "flimsy" as many of the thinner (less expensive) covers 
and there fore it "stands up" good even in strong winds.

P-O Selander
'89 100E
'91 300 ZXTT