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RE: Re[2]: A4Q bugs

It is unbelievable.  I am not surprised that they left grease stains inyour 
car as well.  I have an appointment to drop the car off the evening of the 8th 
for the 7500 mile service.  I was asked by my salesman, Gordon, and the Audi 
guy, Dean, to speak to them if there are any problems, and not to complain to 
AoA.  In addition, I took delivery of my car in the evening, initially, but 
they prepped the wrong car!!  So I had to come back the next day.  Since the 
service head was not there, I was asked to tell the Audi people who called 
that I HAD met the guy and everything was fine.

I really was happy that they got the car, gave me a good price and didn't try 
to treat me like a 23 year old who had daddy giving him a car.  I bought it 
myself and deal with them myself.  They were professional, but I am not at all 
adverse to calling AoA and being a little bitch.  I don't know about anyone 
else, but I don't expect shoddy treatment when I'm paying good money.

Jon Linkov

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I ordered my A4Q (auto) late January and took delivery in mid March.  It's 
loaded sans CD player, phone and metallic paint ($1000 over invoice).  I drove 

home and found out later that the trunk latch was broken, right tail light was 

out and the airbag warning light stayed on too long.  They took care of the 
problem the following week.  Got a new latch mechanism and they reset the 
computer for the airbag sensor.  The faulty tail light was due to a blown fuse 

(wonder if Audi uses Lucas electrial systems - the Prince of Darkness).  They 
didn't have any fuses in stock so they had to scavenge one from a car on the 

Another time, I had them try to fix a rattling noise coming from the B-pillar. 
I brought it in twice for this repair.  They still haven't solved the problem. 
First time I brought it in, they left tools and scrap foam padding in the car 
and damaged the alarm sensor mounted on the B-post.  The second time I brought 

it in, they replaced the sensor, added more padding to stop the rattling and 
left grease stains on plastic trim piece covering the B-post (looked like the 
mechanic worked on an engine and never washed his hands when he started on my 
car).  On both visits, they drenched the rattling area with silicone spray.

Overall, I felt their service was mediocre.  I'm going to try Jack Daniels in 
Fair Lawn for my 7500 service and see if they're any better.


'96 A4Q (auto)
'65 Sunbeam Alpine V

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>Subject: RE: A4Q bugs
>Author:  "Jonathan Linkov" <ValiumNJ@msn.com> at Internet
>Date:    6/29/96 2:52 AM
>How do you feel about the service from Essex?  I got my car there too...it 
>took from Jan to April for it to arrive.  Plus, after the 1000 mile service 
>I found oil on the trim.
>When I bought the car, I recall they said that they have loaners for service. 

> Now, when I arrange for the 7500 mile checkup, they tell me that loaners are 

>for "major service, like repairs"  and not for checkups.  Does this sound 
>like what you were led to believe? 
>They did give me a good $$$ - 29,000 for Quattro, sunroof, CD changer and 
>cold weather package.   Then they included the remote locking and ski sack 
>thingy at no additional!  
>Jon Linkov
>Blu A4Q