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Re: Transformation Almost Complete

Paul C. Waterloo wrote:
> Picked up my new (to me) 91 200 TQ (or should I say 200 Q) today! THE CAR IS

Paul, congratulations on your new 91 200Q. I too am awaiting pick up of one in Concord 
MA. The one I am buying is Black. The guy said he contacted someone(I believe it was 
you) about the one he had for sale. 59k miles. I hope to have it either wednesday or 
friday. I agree with you about the car. The engine/driveline combo is awesome. Also, I 
beleive the V8 transmission(5 speed-pretty rare) is unique to the V8. If it fails, no 
one will repair, dealer will replace for about $7K.(ouch). I think the 20V Turbo is also 
more receptive to power increases.(chip/spring). I'll look into that in the future. 
Driving the car is a delight, the only problem with it is the station display in the 
center of the dash, continuous checkerboard(purina?). I can't wait.  :-)

    							Again Congrats!
							Lorens Kulla
1985 4KSQ
1995 LHS
1991 200Q (soon)