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Re: "Charlie" Spring available

>Anyone have a unused Charlie Smith spring that can tell us the inside 
>diameter the wire thikness and material (stainless?) the hieght and 
>coils per inch.  With this info maybee we can find a new source.  TAP 
>has offered me one for $100, seems expensive for a spring but I guess 
>they have to survive, well I guess as a last resort.

Back again.  Sort of.  

I have a nearly new "Charlie spring", it having only been tested in
comparison to my Ur-q spring in said car.  It wasn't as stiff, so it was
pulled out after doing some timing runs.  It sits somewhere in my garage,
along with Paul's electrical fixes that have not been installed yet, as per
my continuous travelling or involvement with wife, 4 1/2 year old boy, 10
month old girl, three Llewellyn Setters, one goldfish and a new house.  

Don't remember what it cost, but it's available to someone who can't wait
or wants to try to have them made themselves.  However, I would say that
Charlie has spent the time and a little more wait would probably be
cheaper.  And for non 5000/200 apps, I'd look for a stiffer spring, IMHO. 
But I can tell you, I bought two, one for a friend with an '86 5000TQ and
he was flat out jazzed...jumping for joy at the performance boost.  Charlie
did his work and he knew what he was doing.  I'm waiting for his next

Of course, if I do give this one up, it guarantees that I will immediately
find a 5000tq in perfect shape, low mileage and available for a song.....

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