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Re: A4 rear speakers:

On Jul 2,  9:37pm, frontstage wrote:

> the first thing i do whenever i get a new car is rip the piece
> of shit factory stereo out...

I'm finding that Audi doesn't make this all that easy to do.
I decided not to replace the head unit, mostly for asthetic
reasons... the extra-wide faceplate opening would be difficult
to fill and make it look decent, IMO.

What I would really like to do, though, is install a *good*
component speaker system in the front.  I've spoken with
Crutchfield, and they have no recommendations except that their
notes say that the stock tweeter location is impossible to get
to without breaking a piece of trim.

Has anyone done anything with the door-mounted speakers?  Anyone
know how to get at both of them?  I'd like to examine the locations
to see what I could put there, but I don't want to mess up my
door panels!

Dan Masi