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Re: NGK V8 Spark Plugs

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Paul E. Rivera wrote:

> Can anyone shed some light on finding a source for NGK BUR6ET
> Plugs for the V8?
> NGK says "Dealer Only".
> What's up with this?

	NGK also makes plugs for OEM apps, and I think that the HKS 
"racing" plugs are made by NGK.  Some of these, such as the HKS plugs, 
are only avalable throught the company that buys them from NGK.  Probably 
they have a selling agreement with NGK.  It is _possible_ that Audi has a 
deal like this with NGK, but I doubt it.

	Try motorcycle dealers.  Thye use NGK alot.

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