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In case anyone is interested, Allegheny Region of the Porsche Club of 
America is putting on a high-speed driver's education event at Nelson's
Ledges race track outside of Warren, Ohio on August 24-25.  Car
groups are approximately 15 cars/group, and is open to all (safe) vehicles
equipped with equal driver and passenger seats and restraints.  Equipment
requirements is a 1985 or later SNELL rated helmet, long pants, and long-
sleeve shirt.  Open cars must have a rollbar and arm restraints for
You will normally have about 90-120 minutes of track driving per day, along
with mandatory classroom instruction; each driver will be teamed with a
knowledgeable instructor while on-track drivingduring the event.

Cost is $136 for the weekend.  If you are interested, drop me a line with
name and address and I'll send you an application.

We will also be holding a similar event at Mid-Ohio on October 19-20; cost
probably be about $280 for that event. I'll try to send a notice out on it
when our
applications are ready.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)