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Re: Removal of speed limiter

Ned sends detailed instructions for both removal of computer and speed
     Under the computer you will now see a piece of wiring with a receptacle
on the end with a plug stuck in it. The whole thing is held in place by a
plastic clip. Carefully pull this plug and receptacle. This is the engine
coding connector. Pull out the plug and put the receptacle back under the
plastic clip. Lay the plug on the floor of the of the plastic compartment so
that you can find it when you want to plug it back in ( like selling it to
someone putting H rated or lower tires on it).
     Warning: You must use Z rated tires!!! Make sure its legal in your area.

It sure is nice not to get thrown forward when the speed limiter cuts you off
(fuel pump?)  at full throttle at 127-8!!


Jonathan Fenton
'93 S4sIA3 speed limiter off.

P.S. No cops here in Vermont before 7AM when I make that QUICK 37 miler to