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Tires for 200 Q

So I need new tires on my car. Gonna get them right away to really enjoy the

I drive all the time, mostly highway, as much as 1500 miles a week. I need
something that is good in bad weather, is quiet, lasts a long time (I would like
to get 50K highway miles out of them) and has some performance characteristics.

I put the Pirelli P4000's on my 5KSQ when they first came out, they totally
suck. I also got ripped off on the price. Now I know, call first and get a quote
over the phone, that's when they will give you the lowest price.

I was going to get the Dunlop D60 A2's, they seem to have everything I want, can
somebody tell me what the tred wear number is on them? I need P2154/60 R15's.

The other choice I was considering was the new Bridgestone Turanza, H rated that
I read about in July EC. The thing I liked the most is how quiet they said they
were. Does anybody have these tires yet? Any other comments?


91 200 Q
87 5KSQ (for sale)

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