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Fuse 4 solved; Bentley paid for itself in 1 day!

My persistent short blowing fuse 4 problem is solved!

I finally decided to break down and buy the Bentley's for my car.
Linda sold it to me for about $140 (not bad for damn near 2000 pages).
I got it yesterday, and it paid for itself today.

The problem did in fact turn out to be a busted lighter socket.
I didn't think it was because unplugging it didn't help. Well,
Mr. Bentley reminded me that there are 2, count 'em 2 lighters.
It was the back one that was shot.

So now I'm up to my hip waders in tools, taking care of all
of those little things I wanted to get done.

BTW, I'm working on a full-throttle switch problem right now.
The problem is that the switch works, but pushing the pedal
to full throttle doesn't move the lever enough to engage it.
I temporarily wedged a folded piece of cardboard in to make
it work; I'll let you know. Has anyone seen this before?

Tomorrow's installment: plugs, cap, rotor, and oil for the 20V.
Friday, I drop the oil pan to find that *!&#^*&!@^# leak.


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