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Re: Pentosin and magical

 SOP8920@Siena.edu writes:

 So> Hey all...
 So> I'm a touch nervous here.
     So were many of us after reading  your post, I suspect.

     Please take this in the spirit intended, but don't
     poke around under the hood adding or replacing anything
     until you get a better understanding of how things work.
     I'd highly recommend a book like the Time Life "How
     you Car Works" or some such title. The principles
     involved aren't very complicated, and you seem to want
     to know. Find a decent mechanic and have him explain
     things to you when you take your car in for that
     IMMEDIATE brake system flush. I don't know what
     damage may have already been done, but I've found that
     Pentosin will swell some rubber seals that arent'
     made for it. I replaced the rubber leaking seal on
     the reservoir cap with a brake MC rubber seal, and
     within a week it had swollen to 2 times it's original
     size after exposure to Pentosin.

     You're not alone, I personally have witnessed:

     Someone removing all the tranny pan bolts on a Ford to
      "change the motor oil".

     Bought a Caddy once with a "blown motor" for almost nothing,
     when I drained the oil to remove oil pan and check to see
     how bad the jugs (cylinders) were scored....the drip pan
     started overflowing (pan held 6 quarts). Nice shinny new
     oil filter....seems the gas station he took the car to
     for an oil change (slip was in glove box) changed the
     filter, added 5 quarts and didn't drain the pan at all!
     After draining and adding oil car ran like new.

     While fueling in a self serve gas station I watched with
     perverse fixation as a TFBGC (Trust Fund Baby Girls Coed)
     filled the hydraulic reservoir of a Jaguar with Anti Freeze.
     I was going to inform him not to start the car, but he
     made a very snooty remark...so I kept quiet.

     I could go on....


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