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Curb Hit & A4Q Mileage

Wondering if any of you have any opinions on my small misadventure.  This
morning on the way from San Francisco area to San Diego area, I hit the curb
at a gas station in Bakersfield.  I had my left tire still on the curb when I
exit the gas station.  A very loud metallic crash was the result when my
front and rear left tires dropped from the curb onto the road.  I believe
some part of my A4Q bottom hit the corner of the curb.

I found 2 bruised rubber stoppers/seals (oval in shape) with grease on the
roadside and a trail of liquid to a pool of liquid when I stopped 30 ft later
to check.  The liquid appears to be water, maybe from aircon condensation.
 Any idea if the oval shaped rubber stoppers/seals are from the A4Q and what
are their purpose(s) ?  Any idea what damage(s) could happen ?  I called Audi
but the nearest Dealer is in Santa Barbara and closed on July 4th.  I then
drove another 250 miles to Oceanside with gauges looking normal.  Any
comments would be appreciated.

I sure would like to have my car bottom checked out by an Audi dealer before
I drive back to SF area this Sunday.  Any recommendation on friendly Audi
dealer(s) around Oceanside that would have a look at my A4Q on 7/5/96 without
any advance reservation ?

I take back on question regarding Audi honesty on mileage.  I did about 24-25
mpg on freeway from San Jose to Bakersfield with a stop and go traffic on 152
for 30 miles.  I believe without AC on and the stop and go traffic, I may
have reach 27-28 mpg.  Will report again after I am able to freeway without
any interruption.

Thanks and best regards.