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audi 100 automatic transmission

      Does anyone on the quatro list know something about this firm:

  ITS = international transmission services ?
Dynamostraat 16
3903 LK Veenendaal

      I bought factory rebuilt automatic transmission from their
representative in Finland=
Scandinavian Mobitec 
Läntinen teollisuuskatu 6

After a month it had internal oil leakage (auto - differential). After
fixing that it got an external transmission oil leakage. Now they have fixed
it three times and it`s leaking again. 
     I have asked for a new tranny but I haven´t got it. Maybe the dealer is
afraid of admitting his incompetent to the factory or the factory is as
incompetent as his dealer. 

This is a warning to all Audi freaks in Finland on this list (if there are any?)

Juha Helenius       Audi 100 2.0E auto 1989
Helsinki Finland