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Re: Throttle Cable redux (instant HP part 2)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ernest Wong say:

> Think the Schaumberg mod was to rebore and open the secondary throttle bore.
> But your mod sounds more like what Audi did for the 100's. They redid some
> programming and made the first 1/3 opening of the 'loud' pedal open up more
> than 1/3 throttle. Used to be linear. But now it's more logrithmic for the
> early part of 'loud' pedal application.
> Still the same old horsepower tho. Just 'feeeeels' faster.

Could be. That 'feeling' counts for a lot, though....

> >Isn't this essentially what the Schaumberg throttle body does?
> >I'm not screwing anything up, am I?
> You're just guzzling more fuel. Shouldn't muck up anything unless you wired
> out the fuel pump to up the rev limiter.

We'll see about the fuel consumption. Nothing else is changed, so
I guess I'm safe. Just gotta watch that pedal a little bit.


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