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Air Filters and the 4kQ

Hello All,

I have a 1986 Audi 4000cs-Quattro, which should have a dirty air-filter, 
 the service recs shows it was changed at 130k the odometer now reads 
147,450 so I bought a new filter and started to change it and It loked 
scary!!  I've changed my VW Scricco's and Jettas not that hard.  But 
even the owners manual says bring it to a dealer, NOT!  So is there a 
trick or just a special VW/Audi tool to do it :->

Please post help?????


BTW- could a dirty filter cause; low MPG (21 both), rough idal, and 2~3k 
r.p.m hesation????

Thanks to in adavance!