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4KQ Runs then Dies?!?

My lovable '84 4KQ has developed another glitch.  Does this sound 
familiar to anyone?

It runs great when you start it cold, engine/idle is very smooth and 
everything copasetic.  As the engine heats up, it develops a gradual miss 
that degenerates into severe bucking and finally an inablilty to pull 
any more than 1/8" of throttle without missing completly (which makes it 
about as fast as a Big-Wheel).  Finally it dies and wont start at all 
until it cools down completly.  The fuel pump is whining like a thing 
posessed at this point.  

I have a hunch that the car isn't getting enough fuel pressure from the 
get-go, but as the engine gets hot it begins to manifest itself as vapor 
lock somewhere in the FI system.  It has a new fuel filter and the pump 
seems sound, at least when you first start the car.  Could it be the fuel 
pressure accumulator is bad?  The thing is the original on the car and is 
quite badly rusted.  The car is CIS-E with an ISV and electronic 
differential pressure control on the fuel distributor.  

Thanks for any input. I just got the electrical gremlins at bay and now 

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ