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Slight Surging

Ok, so it's my first problem..... shit!

I find that when driving the car (91 200 Q), just to maintain speed, either on
the highway or around town, that the car surges every couple of seconds (3 to 4
seconds is complete cycle).

It really doesn't surge, it feels as if the engine is cutting down on power for
about 1 second, then comes back for 2 to 3, then cuts down again. It seems to
idle just fine.

I didn't notice it the first couple of days I had the car, I did wipe down the
engine compartment the other day (with just a wet rag), and now it seems to
surge. I seem to notice it a lot with the pedal down just 1/16th of total
throttle to maintain speed.

Is this a common problem that has already been solved? Any answers out there?


91 200 TQ
87 5KSQ (for sale)

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