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4kq steering fluid

I am confused (which I think is normal for an Audi owner).  My Bentley
manual says to fill my power steering reservoir with standard power steering
fluid.  My reservoir, however, has a sticker on it that says to use mineral
base hydraulic fluid (the infamous pentosin???).  Two people whom I've asked
disagree.  What say the experts?  I'd like to know, since my pump is
starting to howl a bit, and I think I need to renew the system fluid, and
the filter.  The fluid looks pretty dark, and I'm sure flushing the
old/adding in new will only prolong the life of the rest of the system.  The
car is an 87 4kcsq, 119k miles (yet a young gentleman).
Thanks to all those who've been there, and can show me the way.