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Re: 4KQ Runs then Dies?!?

At 01:06 AM 7/7/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-07-06 12:52:29 EDT, you write:
><< My lovable '84 4KQ has developed another glitch.  Does this sound 
> familiar to anyone?
>Is your fuel pump whining?  That may be the clue you are looking for.
> Immediately after cold start everything working OK?  Does the pump howl
>then?  If it heats up after a few minutes of use and the bearings begin to
>sieze then you may have a bad pump...Slight chance it may be coil...but 1
>cyber beer on a fuel pump if it is indeed howling.
>Bruce Johnson
>85 4Kcsq
>Olympia, WA

I don't think it's seizing...it sounds like it's running FASTER than usual,
the normal low whir and click sped up by about 30%.  Sometimes it alternates
for a second or so and goes back to the lower pitch which sounds normal,
like the pump is under load from pumping fuel against the built-up pressure.
That's why I'm wondering if the pressure accumulator is bad.  I thought the
accumulator was there to help hot starting and prevent fuel boiling. I just
changed the ignition coil a few weeks ago?!  Another reason I don't think
it's the coil is why would the pitch of the fuel pump change?