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(Fwd) New owner 4KQ questions

>----- Forwarded message (sabuti@nyc.pipeline.com(Sabutin)) -----< 
Just bought a lovely red '86 4KQ w/80k mi. on it. I've owned a 5spd. '83 4K
over 10 years, slightly modified the suspension (Boge shocks and struts)
upsized the tires. These mods transformed the car's handling enormously. My
has about 200,000k on it now, and although it's in pretty good mechanical  
shape, it needs A LOT of minor body work (parked it on the street in
for 8 years...-door handle breakins, hundreds of parking dings, out and out
minor keyscratch type vandalism... I stopped doing cosmetic repairs on it  
because the better it looked, the more it was attacked.), a new paint job,
a tune up. I'm undecided whether to sell it...it is basically sound, but I 

certainly won't get much money for it...or part it out, keep the most
replaced parts (starter motor, battery, a door handle to replace one that's
broken on the '86, rear speakers, etc.) 
Does anyone know whether the shocks and struts on an '83 4K can be used on
'86 4KQ, and what larger tire sizes work well on an '86 4KQ? If I thought I
could use those parts from my '83, it would help me to decide. 
Also, is anyone interested in buying the above described '83 4K? Roughly
much would a car like that be worth? 
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer... 
P.S. Moved to the suburbs now...the new car's safe. I hope.