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Eric's Suspension

	Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to each of the e-mails I 
have received asking about the parts / cost of Eric's suspension kit.  
So, thought I would kill as many birds as possible with this post.

	First, if you want to know about the specifics of the suspension 
kit, I highly suggest you e-mail Eric.  His address is 
STEADIRIC@aol.com.  He has always been prompt in his responses to my 

	Second, as for specific parts, I'm not sure I can tell you 
everything he has used.  This is how I decided to buy the kit:

	1.  I drove some cars with various "suspension upgrades".  All 
Audi's, some were kits from well known "Audi guys", others had been kind 
of pieced together.  Pretty well disappointed after this.  IMHO, there is 
much more to a suspension kit than lowering a car and making it ride hard.

	In an earlier post, I referenced a Hoppen kit on an S4.  Contrary 
to some of the lectures I have received via e-mail, I was not flaming 
Hoppen or the kit.  Supposedly, this guy really knows his Audi's.  *MY* 
problem with the kit on the S4 was ride harshness.  Over the years I have 
driven race cars that I loved, and street cars that I loved.  NEVER, have 
I driven a track car on the streets around here and loved it.  IMHO, you 
just can't have a "full-on" track suspension on a daily driver and enjoy 
it.  The S4 I drove may have been great on the track, but it was a 
ba**buster on the street.  Therefore, it was worthless to me.

	2.  I took a ride in Eric's car, then simply told him "put it on 
my car".  Again, "feel" is a personal choice.  And, while I do not know 
how Eric's suspension feels on the track, I *do* know how it feels on (a) 
a "closed" country road course [amazing] [how the course was "closed" is 
another story--couple of radios, buddies with cars, etc., long story 
really]; (b) going around cloverleaf off-ramps at 70+; (c) on the highway 
at over a ton; and, (d) in every day driving.  And, it feels *just* the 
way I want it to.  Firm, but not harsh.  Responsive, but not jittery.  In 
fact, *I* believe it rides [the car that is] better now on the 
street--stop and go, etc., than in stock form.  I have no complaints 

	So, while I can offer hours of subjective analysis of the 
"Eric-kit", talk to him about the specifics of the kit.  Frankly, I 
bought it because it worked, not because of the name brands used.  But, I 
will say this:  IMHO, get this kit before you do anything else [I still 
have stock box, turbo, etc.].  My thinking was, why add more horsepower 
to a poor handling car?

	Again, all disclaimers.  I paid full boat, and, frankly, would 
have flamed it if it didn't work so damned well.

	Good Luck!