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Electrical Gremlins?

 Some help is needed.  The 200 STEADItqw 20v had developed an 
intermitant idle problem.  When coasting up to a light the car would 
occasionally die.   It would start by gently popping the clutch or 
restart with the key.  Assumed time for a cleaning of the ISV.  While 
under the hood, I took a look at the fuses.  The #2 relay looks fried.
  It appears to be one of the fan relays.  The fan _seems_ to be 
working.  It runs with a/c and runs if car is standing for a while. 
Also runs a few minutes after car is shut off.
 Only electrical changes are upgrade to headlights with individual 
relays and recent addition of new radio and cd changer.  Radio now 
hot wired to ignition key.  No indication of any connection to relay. 
 BTW, #3 relay has same number, "214" but is turned 90 degrees.  Any 
ideas?  Should I just replace relay (seems silly without knowing 
cause)  I'm going on a trip in 2 weeks and the spousal unit would not 
appreciate getting stranded after all the things I had to tell her to 
get the car in the first place.  Many TIA.
South F.L.A.
91 200 STEADItqw