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Re: 200T problems, new turbo needed?

At 04:41 AM 7/7/96 EDT, you wrote:
>I bought a '89 200T about two months ago, got it cheap because it nedeed a new
>pwr steering pump and a brake booster. Fixed those and learned to live with 3
>pwr windows and "floating" speedometer needle, when it happened. I was making a
>pass in a freeway when suddenly, instead of that comfortable power, the engine
>generated a lot of black smoke which could be seen from the rear view mirror. 
>After that incident the car hasn't been the same allthough I haven't seen the
>black smoke anymore.  It stalls if I have to stop in red lights engine hot, and
>does not start until after 10 minutes or so. Another alternative is to open the
>air filter box and pump the air flow meter flap to get some gas to the
>injectors, and then just drive away. Also, the car generates speed very slowly
>now and the tachometer hardly goes over 5000rpm even if I floor the pedal (max
>boost is now 0.9bar, before it was 1.3 bar). Another sign of problem is
that the
>vacuum assisted idle stabilizer system does not work.
>I would preciate if someone could give me advice on what might be broken. I
>think that the turbo gave up and it is actually rescricting the airflow thus
>minimizing the flow meter flap movement. On the other hand could faulty ox
>sensor cause something like this? I haven't found any leaks or cracks on the
>turbo/cooler piping. 
>If the turbo has to be replaced I would not mind to upgrade it to a bigger one
>or use some KKK hybrid similar to Garret TO3/04 combo's which are very popular.
>Anyone tried this? Also, does anybody know how much airflow (hp) is the stock
>KKK capable to produce and where lies the limit for the stock CIS? As I
>understand that the actual boost in stock rim is only 0.3 bars, I believe that
>this little powerplant has a lots more potential than 170hp.
>Any suggestions regarding the problem are more than welcome.
  Check your intercooler to intake manifold hose. They usually blow out on
the bottom where you can't see it. My recommendation is to take the hose
completely off to check it. Symptoms are exactly as you describe. Could be a
blown out hose elsewhere also, but I don't think it is your turbo. YMMV 

               Michael Loeks
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