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Re: Meca Coolant experience?

> This is the kind of thing I was refering to. The exhaust temp can be very 
> VERY hot . It may be as high as 1800f.

At the risk of being pedantic, Yes, exhaust gas temp can be very high but it
shouldn't be more than 1400 or 1500 degrees ... and that is on the inside of
the manifold (the exhaust gas itself) and not the outside.  Of course, it IS
still plenty hot enough to ignite almost ANYTHING that's sprayed onto it and
the list of usual suspects under the hood includes more than just coolant as
I'm sure you're aware...

No, I don't necessarily have cooling problems with normal anti-freeze unless
you count corrosion and the deterioration of hoses and/or radiator over time
... BOTH of which are reduced when using non-pressurized coolant such as the
propylene glycol sold by Meca.  I was reminded of this when the new radiator
I installed blew one of the tank gaskets last weekend ... in theory, this is
much less likely to happen in a non-pressurized system because the stress on
all the parts is greatly reduced.  In practice, as attested to by four of my
friends who've collectively put over 200,000 miles on their cars/trucks over
the past 3 years using Meca coolant without any problems, this has been born
out.  The other positive thing they have noticed, especially here during the
Arizona summer, is that their cars' performance doesn't "fall off" nearly as
as much as they did in the past when the outside temperature climbs past 100
degrees.  Since two of their cars are bracket-racers, these are real results
-- they have time slips to prove it! -- and not just subjective "Gee, my car
seems to run much better now that I've spent $140 on coolant" statements.  I
personally look forward to the day when my temp gauge doesn't start to climb
slowly whenever I get on the boost and this is but ONE of the many steps I'm
taking in my attempt to accomplish this. 

I realize I'm starting to sound like a propagandist for this stuff, which is
NOT my intention.  While I acknowledge there are some reasons for concern --
believe me, I have them too! -- the benefits it offers are equally tempting.
If it works, great; if not, that's okay, too ... either way, both of us will
learn something from my experience.  And if the car burns to the ground, I'm
sure Allstate will provide me with the means to replace it!  ;^)

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