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Re: More Questions.

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bob Davis say:

>         _ The other option is to wait for the "perfect car", which may be a
> 90 Q 20V or Coupe 20V.  Just how rare are these beasts and are there any
> probs with them I might want to know about?

Well, the 90Q20Vs are sorta rare, but available. Can't speak for the CQs.
One thing I will say, because it is at the front of my mind right now, is
that the 20V engine is not a mechanic's dream to work on. In fact, calling
many jobs a pain in the ass is an understatement.

Seen my postings on getting the *!&@#(!@*& spark plugs out?

Although, it's a fun car, if a little small. Thank god we have a
100Q for when we need to haul things or go places.


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