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FW: Does anyone have a Tow Hook clip?

My understanding is that this is not a 'tow hook' and is just a hold-down for transport. Found this out as the tow company that moved the TQW from Mt. Washington after the throwout bearing departed early for points South tried to pull her up onto the ramp truck with this hook and trashed it as well as the front bumper/lower grille to the tune of >$600. The body shop that gave us the repair estimate for insurance purposes advised that this is just a light-duty hold-down for shipping and should NEVER be used for towing, etc. This was Hoagland's Autobody in Concord NH, which, by the way, did an absolutely *FANTASTIC* job refinishing and pinstriping the front bumper cover and valence for the KUQFH. (thanks Chris!) Now if I could just do something about that ur-q rear spoiler.....   :(


I have often wondered what this hook was for
> My '87 5000CS TQ has a retractable front tow hook.  Unfortunately, the 
> plastic clip which holds the hook to the front apron (when retracted)
> disintegrated.  Does anyone have a parts car that I could get the clip 
> from?
> jazman