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Mom wants a Quattro!

My mother (god bless her) is looking to get a Quattro to replace her
Jetta. As some of you may remember, the last time she looked at one,
we set off the building alarm at Park Porsche Audi up here.  This
didn't seem to dissuade her, in fact it may prepare her for the
strange electrical gremlins ahead!

She lives in central NJ, and has been dealing with Bernardsville Audi.
She didn't like her first salesman, so following Dorab's advice, I'm
sending her to see Spencer Sherman or Jeffrey Capone.

Anyway, she's looking at either a recent used 90Q, or possibly a new
A4Q. She would prefer an automatic, but I think can deal with a stick
again if need be to get the "right" car.

Is there anything in particular to persuade her for the new A4Q over
a 3 year old 90Q? She's retired, and doesn't need much from a car any
more; it's a TA (transportation appliance). The 3-year warranty with
maintenance would be a good thing, but she has a trustworthy mechanic
that does VW/Audi (Egenton's).

She just looked at a '95 90Q with 11K (Wasn't it already the A4Q
in '95?)  It has everything except CD player, and he wants $27K,
which is too much. He probably paid that new; you can get a new
A4Q for about that anyway.

So, give me some words of wisdom to help add another Q to the family.
Anyone in the NY/NJ area see any interesting 90Qs for sale?


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