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Breather Hose

> From: LEMONHEAD <br00206@binghamton.edu>

> Has anyone heard of a crankcase breather hose update for the 2.3 10V??
> Apparently...the rubber hose, which has a reputation for collapsing AND
> cracking, has been updated by Audi to a metal pipe.  

Hey Chris - on my 1990 200, the Houston dealer FIRST sold me a kit 
which purported to be an update.  It consisted of a csmall and large 
diameter hose, a new metal tube (with mysterious port and plug) and 
clamps.  BUT - turns out that at least for my model, there is NO 
UPDATE.  The proper replacement is still a single hose with a lerge 
diameter crankcase end, and small diameter end connecting to  the 
metal tube which in turn goes to the three-port hose on the rocker 
arm cover. 

I just got the correct hose, and the Houston deal will accept the 
other parts in return...DAMN nice of them, prevents me from screaming 
the place down.  One thinkt I will do before installing the host is 
to spray the WHEE out of it with silicone in an effort to extend its 
service life.  Retail for the stupid thing is $48.

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