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Re: Best Deal Rad

Hey there Steve!

I just replaced that "deal" of a radiator that I put in the 5k a couple 
years ago.  I prefer the metal tanked radiators, so I'd recommend getting
a Modine.  I believe that you can get a Behr (?) plastic tanked radiator 
which is the same as the OEM.  I don't know how much the Modine costs in 
Calgary, but it was ~US$270 here in California.  I could get the plastic 
tanked replacement for even less through Carlsen.  

It was amazing comparing the replacement metal-tanked radiator to the 
Modine.  My first replacement rad weighed about the same as the plastic-
tanked OEM, the Modine was substantially beefier.  

As I learned on my '78 Fox, even though the coolant looks good it is a 
good idea to replace the coolant every two years.  The coolant becomes 
acidic over time and slowly eats away at things ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)