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RE: Coupe Transmission on the Fritz

I had a similar problem on an old '83 GTI once, only had 1st, 3rd and
5th. Turned out to be the cold air pre-heat hose to the air cleaner had
dropped onto the shift linkage.

Check for no blockage of the linkage.

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA, USA
1990 Coupe Quattro 20v

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>Subject: 	Coupe Transmission on the Fritz
>How could I put this more succintly?  HELP!!!!!
>I was just driving back from Barton Springs (great place to go for a
>swim if
>you ever come to Austin, but I digress) when my '84 Coupe GT shift
>lever got
>stuck in 2nd, I managed to get it out but found from there I had no
>whatsoever.  I just had up and down, and no sideways play on the stick,
>gears would engage.  I was stuck in 3d gear and the clutch was working
>Amazingly I was able to drive home (what was that I heard about even
>mortally wounded Audis never stranding their owners?) through
>traffic and a couple of red lights on pretty steep inclines (I wonder
>the people around me must have thought when they heard this wildly
>engine getting started on an especially steep slope - thank God, I mean
>Audi gods, for low gearing! =)
>OK, so the big question is WHAT HAPPENED?  Are there a myriad of
>possibilities, or is it most likely something clear cut?  Is my
>(normally a reasonable fellow) going to hit me with a massive repair
>or is it something relatively minor?
>Thank you very much in advance,
>Andrew Speer.