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re: 91 200Q Mass Air Sensor

Well, about the only lesson I've picked up is SHOP, SHOP, SHOP.  I can't
give you any knowledge on the new/used question, but check with Clair
& Carlsen before you do anything.  Maybe they won't find any in this
country either, but you never know until you try. 
Just as an example: I once thought I had to replace the oil pan on my '91
200 Quattro.  Prices: (all new)
  local dealer #1: $481
  local dealer #2: $365
  Carlsen (CA): $270
You can find the numbers for Clair & Carlsen (and others I haven't yet tried)
on the Web page.  If you don't have web access let me know and I'll mail
you all the appropriate phone/fax numbers.  Actually, as a public service
here's the FAX # for Carlsen, 415-856-0648.  Make sure you ask for Linda,
use the FAX if possible, they're always enormously busy.  

    Seattle, WA
    '91 200 Quattro
    '90 Mazda 626 Touring Sedan GT

>Has anyone ever had to replace a Mass Air Flow Sensor on any of the I5 Turbo 
>motors? My 91 200Q began running extremely rich, after 2 days of checking 
>everything within my power, I relented to going to my local dealer - Aggg! 
>The short story is $126 later they tell me that the VAG1551 (Testing 
>Instrument) indicates a bad Mass Air Flow Sensor. They ONLY want $650 for 
>the part and about 3-4 hrs for further installation and testing of Injection 
>system. Now for the bad news - they claim there are none of these "new" OEM 
>sensors in the states and will take about 3 weeks to order one from Germany 
>or maybe a 1 1/2 - 2 week time frame to rush it here for an extra $100 - 
>ouch! I have located one out of a used one in NY - that has a 30 day 
>warranty and they claim has been tested from a cold running to hot engine 
>drivability test - all for only $335. I normally would never buy used parts 
> - generally dont think you get your moneys worth, however I really between a 
>rock and a hard spot on this one. Any advice/experiences  would be 
>Charlie Bernard
>90 V8
>91 200Q
>88 951 S