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bent wheel

Arrrgh.  The great roads here in Cambridge finally did in one of my wheels.
The tire still seats and seals, but the bend is easily noticable without 
spinning the tire.  And its definitely noticeable as a vibration about about 
45mph.  So I'm looking for any or all of the following:

  * Advice on having it repaired (I've heard this can be done, but I'd
    like to be sure it's possible, and ideally have it done locally to 
    reduce the turn-around time.

  * Someone with an extra wheel, preferably somewhere in New England.

  * If you've an interesting offer on a whole set up something else
    I'll entertain that too.

The injured wheel is a stock 1985 14x6 4000S quattro alloy.  

Thanks all,

85 Audi 4000S quattro (bumpin' up-and-down in my little blue Audi...)
74 Datsun 260-Z (with four *round* wheels)