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Diagnosis, wheel bearing

I know this is an old topic, but I didn't seem to keep any notes on how to
diagnose wheel bearing problems on my '87 5Kcst.

I am getting bearing noise, which decreases greatly in left-hand turns as
the weight is shifted off the driver's side. No similar reduction in
right-hand curves. Therefore, I surmise the problem is a driver's side

I replaced the rear beaings, outer and inner, a few months ago. However,
the sound still seems to come from the left rear; it is hard to tell, as I
can't hear any noise with the window down. I have jacked up all 4 wheels to
check for bearing play, and have not found any.

Is there a good way to static test for a bad bearing, or should I just go
ahead and replace the fronts and or the rears again?

Jerry Fields

UW Whitewater, Whitewater, Wisconsin  USA
DoD #1697