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Cell phones, etc.

	So ... all you cellular phone toting folks out there -- I have
	a question for which I haven't received an adequate answer yet.

	My '91 200Q has the Motorola/Audi phone in it, and I'm tickled
	pink at the thought of trying out the supposedly cool voice-recognition
	features it has.  Problem is, I don't *really* need a cellular phone.

	Terminally curious that I am, I punched the power button and the
	phone came up in the "Roam" mode. Previous owner forgot to have
	his service disconnected, I thought, and I let it be for many months.
	Tried it again over the weekend -- still works!  I try calling the
	number taped to the unit (thoughtful of Mr. Previous Owner), but it
	cannot be reached.  Just for kicks, I dial my home number -- I am
	connected to something called the American Roaming Network, and it
	asks me if I'd like to call collect or use a credit card. Figuring
	I couldn't be ripping anyone off if I pay for it myself, I first
	try the credit card option (doesn't work), and then the call-collect
	option -- which does!

	So what's the deal here? Do I have a phone which can make outgoing
	calls only on a pay-per-call basis, or am I still on the other guy's
	service somehow?  Could it be that he had this phone cloned and
	is still using the other?  If so, why couldn't I reach that number?

	It would be really cool if I could use the phone as it stands -- I
	would only need it in an emergency, and wouldn't mind paying the steep
	airtime rates at such a time.  Of course, if it turns out that the
	other guy is still paying a subscription for it, I doubt if I could
	even justify the $15 per month subscription that GTE wants for
	what they call a "security" option.

	Any thoughts appreciated!


Arun Rao
Pixar Animation Studios
Pt. Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 215-3526