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Checks Before Trip

> From: Michael Spiers <mikes@specnet.com>

> Seven days from now, myself & all my worldly possesions will be packed into my
> TQ and an old Ford pickup and on I70, travelling from DC to Boulder, Colorado.
>  Many advanced thanks for any "gotcha!"s to inspect for, and
> if ya see a black TQ and a tan F150 sitting on the side of the road somewhere
> between DC & Boulder, won't ya honk as ya drive by?

Mike - check the CRANKCASE breather hose AND especially that 
multi-port hose at the back end of the rocker arm cover.  They rot 
away quietly while you're not looking.  If they're cracked or mushy 
(both common) replace them.  Also check all vacuum hoses, heater and 
radiator hoses.  (I'm sure you've done the water hoses, but I'll 
mention it anyway...)

Have a great trip!  You'll love Colorado!!

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