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Re: Brakes / ISV

>He checked some part numbers and had me double-check.
>Seems the rear DISC brake setup for the Jetta's and Golf's is a DIRECT
>BOLT ON in place of my current rear drums.  I'm getting his "kit" and
>putting it on my Quantum in the next week or so.  Is this too good to be
>true?  Is the line pressure to the rear enough to push calipers?  I'll
>have to figure out something for the parking brake.  Anything else I need
>to be aware of?  Anybody ever done this?  If it works, it will also work
>on the 4ks and the non-turbo Coupe GT.  

I double check small things like Master Cylinders, Prop Valves, Risidual 
pressure valves....  Don't think that they would be the same on a disk vs 
drum car.......


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO