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Re: quattro-digest V3 #687

> OK, I'll admit it.  I spent about 15 minutes looking all over the 
> transaxle assembly in my 1990 200 and could NOT find the plug which 
> the famed 17mm hex socket fits.  I felt like checking the level, and 
> just could NOT find it.  I thought a plug with a big 17mm insert 
> should be easy to find, but no luck!!
> Could someone please illuminate this grasshopper as to location of 
> most illustrious plug?  In detail, please??
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It's on the driver's side of the transmission, right above where the axle shaft
comes out of the tranny (it's actually just a little bit forward of it, I
think). The drain plug is also on the driver's side of the tranny, down about
1-2" above the bottom of the tranny. I think it is just a little forward of the
fill plug.

The other drain plug is at the rear of the tranny directly on the bottom, way at
the end of the tranny.

I found that I had to put my car up on front jack stands to get at these
componenets. You also need to take the LF wheel off to get under the car

Have a competent oil change place do it, it's a hellu a lot easier.


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