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Re: Brakes / ISV

Thanks a ton for all the info, Ti.  We've built a race car from the ground
up here at school, so I hope I can muster the modifications you speak of
without major difficulty.  As far as the front disc upgrage, I've long
since upgraded to Ate vented discs in front with pretty sticky Paggid
pads.  VAST improvement over stock!  I'm not sure of the diameter, but
it's definitely lots better than the solid rotor.  I can't wait to get
back home and dive under there.  How expen$ive are the steel braided
lines?  I'm pretty short on cash.  Thanks again for the help.  

Jeremy R. King	    Auburn University, Alabama, USA
///////////     '86 VW Quantum GL5     \\\\\\\\\\\\
 Rear Dynomax Glasspak, Hollow cat, Drilled Airbox
   Sach's / KYB struts, Round 55W Driving Lights
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