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Audi Cell Phone Problems?

My 91 200 Q didn't come with any documentation on the cell phone. I don't know
what special functions it has, if any (sounds like it has some voice

Does anyone have the documentaiton on the phone, and can they fax it to me or
get it copied and send it to me?

While I'm waiting, do you know what I need to do to fix the following?  

I just got the phone activated this weekend, and today after I turned the
ignition off, the phone kept turning on (with the key removed) and then
displaying "Locked" and then turning off. About 20-30 seconds it would do it
again...and again.... and again....you get the picture. The only way I could
turn it off was to unplug the phone cord for the head unit in the console.

What do I need to do to have it stop doing this?


91 200 Q
87 5KSQ (for sale)