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Re: sunroof

ok, here goes.

     I have had two audis, both had sunroofs that started opening and 
closing real slow, dealer told me to clean with WD40 and a paper towel. 
Keep opening and closing wiping in between untill dirt is gone or reduced 
or something.  The audi I have now is an 87 5000S but the hinges on the 
roof were just replaced last year(it was stolen and the hinges were 
broken when I got it back, a blessing in diguise I'm sure) 
					I did have an experience about 5 or 6 mos ago where one of the 
hinges fron the wind deflector broke, and it got stuck, also once those 
little metal tabs that push the roof into place(they are kinda springy) 
got stuck once.  So this time it was kind of sudden. It opened weird 
once, I tried to clean it but I couldnit get it to open and close enough( 
it was getting out of line-drivers side was not moving much) then...I 
tried to open it and i could hear the motor going but only one side was 
moving, the passenger side.
       I removed the center headliner piece and this is what I found One 
little plastic retainer that holds the center piece of the headliner in 
place when it tilts up is gone.  This causes the center piece to fly 
forward on that side cause it is also attached to three springs going the 
opposite way...I say three springs because I can see three spaces for 
springs...and that is the other thing---one of the springs, the center 
one is gone, I'm assuming it must be somewhere in the roof.
	    Right now there is just so many things out of whack I just want to 
see a layout so I can figure out what is missing and what is where it 
isn't supposed to be.
    Thank you for the reply, anything you have to offer will be gratly 
appreciated.  And yes, I did find your original mail in the archives, I 
have been searching them furiously for a solution.  I have never been 
without a sunroof for more that 2 days and I am going on my 3rd week.  
Not to mention the fact that my drivers side window is also in a state of 
closure until I coordinate the repair and parts to fix it.  I fear I may 
suffocate and die in my car should the doorhandle break on a hot day.  I 
mean you know how they warn you not to leave your dog in the car?

                                 thank you,

                            owwner, 5000S death trap