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Re: Check engine light/Town Fair Tire

Hi Neil, you wrote:
I'm getting lit,

For a couple of weeks now I'm sometimes getting the CEL (check engine light)
coming on.

All the owners manual says is go to the dealer or buy good gas.  I use 93/94
octane and I don't want to go to a dealer thank you.

Here is what happens.  On the highway at 65-70, add a little and I mean
throttle and the light will come on.  Back off the gas and it goes out.  Add
more gas and it goes out.

It seems more connected to throttle position than an actual running
It doesn't do it under hard acceleration or boost.  There is barely any
in RPM yet the light will come on.

No fault codes.  The only thing I've done lately is a set of Blue Igniters
Rapid parts and all was fine for a couple of weeks after that.  Also I used a
brass tooth brush to clean a little green off the temp sensor on the rad hose
outlet at the top front of the head.

Got ideas or experience?  The model Audi would help I bet, '88 5ktq
I'm having the same problem on my Caprice...but I think both situations could
be resulting from the same source.

I've had this happen very intermittently on the Caprice since 1988, but only
now has it been manifesting itself so frequently. Luckily, the car has been
generating some fault codes - apparently it's the EGR system. The mechanic
that looked at my car said that the engine wasn't generating enough vacuum
for the EGR system, but he would have to spend some more time on it, which he
didn't have that day. Plus, I haven't had much time or $$ to spend at the
mechanic so far...

Try proposing this to your mechanics, but I *would* go to a good dealer, who
has the proper diagnostic tools for the car, rather than a chain service
place, which may not have the correct software and technical service

I do admit that the Caprice was diagnosed in one of these "chain" service
centers, but they do know their stuff (most of the time), and the Caprice is
quite simple - in comparision to the CoupeQ and S4! 

I just met a Chevy mechanic who really knows his stuff, but his place is up
in Newton, about 1.25 hours away from me...

>From past experience, most Chevy dealers *rape* you!! (in the showroom, and
service...) If one thinks Audi dealers are bad...

Good luck!