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Removing 90/CQ speakers-front

Ok, I just did this this weekend.

First, pop off the grills from the top. A small flat screwdriver does fine. The speaker comes out from the 
top of the dash. You can then remove the original speakers with the one screw that is exposed. 

There are two tabs for the original speakers. The first is slipped into a positioning pocket and the second 
is the one that is screwed down.

Not, after you are this far, the fun begins. Before I looked at the application, I bought a set of Infinity 
Kappa 42is, coax 4" quartz injection molded cone with silk dome Kappa tweeters. Nice speakers - 
surprising clarity and impact for such small speakers. Price is $100 per pair retail, I got mine for $50 
through wholesale channels. Either way, superb speakers.

But wait, what fun? Well, First the Kappas had a 4 hole square set up. I had to take the Dremel and cut 
off two of the ears and modify the two remaining so they matched the profile of the original. Then, on 
installation I  found the extra magnet size and depth made installation about 1mm away from being 
impossible. I had to Dremel out a channel for the wires to drop down in the plastic base the speaker 
screws to and learn a pretty intricate ballet to get that chunk of speaker into the tiny little hole.

It is complete, though. And sound is superb. I covered with the original plastic speaker grill, so 
appearance is still stock, but sound is not. I am in the middle of an extensive music transfusion in this car 
and right now, these 4" are the only ones set up. I have had people ask me what I had in the rear to make 
it sound so good... There is nothing in the rear, just these two little 4"s...

Hope this helps and didn't bore anyone to death....

Todd - Akron, Ohio
90 Cq
Other lesser beasts...