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Re: Faster A4

I'm not sure if there are any chips yet available for the A4, but I 
installed the "performance" throttle body and K&N Filtercharger available 
from Schaumberg (sp?) Audi near Chicago, cost from them about $350.  You 
have to remove your TB and send it to them, so your car is out of 
commission for a day or two (they do modify it and return it very quickly 
using next day air).  I did this to my 95 A6Q, so I'm sure it would work 
equally as well on the A4.  It doesn't turn it into a rocket, but the 
hesitation off the line seems to have gone away.  You may want to check 
with them, I heard that the 96 2.8 V6 engines had this same modification 
already done to them from the factory, so it may not do you any good.  
The folks at Schaumberg should be able to tell you.  I don't have a 
number for them off hand.  They did have an ad in the latest European Car 
or you can just call Audi and they can give you the number.

Good luck!

gordonr@onramp.net wrote:
> I got my A4 about two months ago (after agonizing on whether to get another
> BMW3) and I'm thrilled with it.  Except (you guessed it) the old girl just
> doesn't come off the line the way I'd like.
> What can be done that won't make the warranty go away?  Throttle body?  Chip
> change?
> I'd appreciate any ideas.
> Thanks