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NE Audi Outing on July 27th?

I was thinking of putting together the first ? informal NE Audi outing. 

How about on Saturday, July 27th, we get together somewhere (where they have
some nice roads) for an early dinner/late lunch and talk/show/drive our Audi's.
Somewhere real informal, like one of those stainless steel diners you find ever
now and then.

I don't know where to have it, but I was thinking maybe somewhere in CT (could
do NE CT, or possibly Litchfield county), maybe somewhere around Springfield,
MA, or maybe a little more north like Northampton, MA. Anyone else have any

Please email me with any suggestions on where/what to have, or if you would like
to attend. I will take the responsibility of being the grand pooba, unless
somebody else wants to.


91 200 Q
87 5KSQ
(what car should I bring? HAH!)

Paul Waterloo                    TEL: (860) 267-7714
HydroAire Incorporated           FAX: (860) 267-7387
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